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By Kybor | Feb 1 2024 | Merida Termites

If you haven't been affected, read this to continue your good luck

Yucatan Termite Control

Termite Infestation in Yucatan

Image of termites eating a wardrobe from the bottom up. The sunlight is coming from a party shaded window to the right.

Termites are a big issue in the Yucatan. To learn more, read on. For recommendations on how to prevent an infestation in your home, Jump to the Actionable Steps

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The Yucatan Peninsula is a region known for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and unique cultural heritage. However, it is also home to one of the most destructive pests in the world - termites. These small, wood-eating insects can cause significant damage to homes and other structures, making termite treatment an essential part of any homeowner's maintenance plan.


Termites are particularly prevalent in the Yucatan due to the region's warm, humid climate, which provides the ideal conditions for their growth and reproduction. As a result, homeowners in the area are at a higher risk of termite infestations than those living in cooler, drier climates.


Termite damage can be devastating to a home, and it is often difficult to detect until it has already caused significant structural damage. Termites can eat away at wood, weakening it over time and potentially causing structural failure if left untreated. This can be particularly dangerous in areas prone to earthquakes, as weakened structures are more likely to collapse during seismic activity.

Image of a bedroom closet being eaten by termites. This is an augmented reality image with exagerations.

In addition to the physical damage they cause, termites can also have significant financial implications for homeowners. Repairing termite damage can be expensive, and in severe cases, it may even be necessary to demolish and rebuild the affected structures entirely. Furthermore, termite damage is often not covered by homeowners insurance policies, meaning that the cost of repairs falls entirely on the homeowner.


Residential termite treatment is therefore essential for homeowners in the Yucatan to protect their homes and finances. Termite treatments can take a variety of forms, including liquid treatments, baits, and fumigation. A professional pest control company can help determine the best course of action for a particular property based on factors such as the extent of the infestation, the type of termite involved, and the home's construction.

A man sealing cracks and fissures on the exterior of his yucatecan colonial style home.

In addition to regular termite treatments, homeowners can take proactive measures to reduce their risk of termite infestations. These include reducing moisture levels around the home, sealing cracks and gaps in the home's exterior, and removing any wood debris or dead trees from the property.


Overall, residential termite treatment is crucial for homeowners in the Yucatan to protect their homes, finances, and families from the destructive effects of these wood-eating pests. By taking proactive measures to prevent termite infestations and working with professional pest control companies to treat any existing infestations, homeowners can ensure their homes remain safe and structurally sound for years to come.

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6 Actionable Steps for Termites in The Yucatan

Following are some recommendations for keeping your home free of termites and what to expect from a reputable exterminator.

  1. Before you Move-in
    There are several ways to prevent an infestation. In the Yucatan, the most common one is drill and fill. This is an invasive procedure in which they drill into the walls, fill with the termite killer and then fill the hole with white cement, if you're lucky. This procedure creates a lot of dust which would be left for you to clean. They may do a rough clean, but it won't be to your standards. They will not dust or clean their mess in the sink. Consider having this done before you move in, in order to not have plaster, dust and paint all over your possessions.

  2. Too Late

    If you already have an infestation, the exterminator will recommend the best course of action. Sometimes, if it's only in its initial stages, the wood, if affected, may be salvageable. If not, this wood structure will have to be torn down and disposed of. This is sometimes due to excessive termites or a weakening of the wood itself. Either way, you probably don't want to keep infested wood in your home. Gross.

  3. Ask before buying
    Whether having the work done preventatively or after the fact, ask if they will fill their holes. Ask what they will be using, drywall compound or white cement? Ask them if they will paint the cement. Ask them if they will clean (don't count on your standards of cleanliness being executed).

  4. Final Walk-Around
    Regardless of how professional the service was, do a walk around the property and examine each hole closely before paying. Sometimes you will find holes that weren't closed up or where the cement dried up smaller than the orifice, leaving you with a point of entry for other critters. Ideally, try to do this walk around immediately after they say they're done, before they start cleaning and putting away their tools.

  5. Get the Warranty Documentation
    Staff changes and people forget things. Make sure you have proof of your 3 year warranty (typical). They say the treatment should last up to 7 years, but it is warrantied for 3 years, depending on your service provider. Make a digital copy of this certificate and keep it in your files... so it doesn't get eaten by the termites. ;)

  6. Beware of Scammers
    The procedure should take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on your home size. If they say it's a multi day job, ask them why. If the company didn't come highly recommended, think twice about giving a deposit. Consider hiring the company for regular Fumigation first do see how they do as the cost for regular fumigation is about 1/10th the price of a termite treatment. A real example price of a 200 square meter home termite treatment in April 2023 is $5,500 MXN.


In conclusion, termite treatment is important here in the Yucatan. It is much more common than in Canada and the U.S. Call us if you need a recommendation for a good contractor or want to run something seemingly fishy by us to see what we think.


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Kybor | 📚

Kybor is a an experienced Merida Real Estate Agent and seasoned entrepreneur in both the transportation and construction sectors with an aptitude for languages. Having spent 6 years of his youth in the Yucatan, he is adept at conversing and communicating with local without them knowing he is not of latino heritage.


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