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TrustFirst is a Merida Real Estate Brokerage focused on its relationships above all else. Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.

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About K

"With the world the way it is, it was only natural I'd end up back here, in beautiful Yucatan"

Having grown up in Merida and Progreso, from ages 13 to 19 and coming back to visit friends every couple years until eventually moving back, K has a very good pulse on the local market.

K was born in Canada and lived in South Korea from age 10 to 13. It was here that he learned the importance of honor and discipline, as he studied Tae-Kwon-Do and attended Korean (Hangumal) School.

Shortly after K left this High-school there was an unrelated altercation in the school yard and the parents were unimpressed with the way that the Principal handled the situation. The principal felt he lost face and decided to take his life.

Some of K's most formative years were spent living in Korea. While not to the same extreme, K holds a similar sense of Honor and Integrity in his work and friendships, always committing to follow up on big and small promises and never promising the undeliverable.

From age 19 to 32 K spent his years in Canada and Tampa Florida, Building several Businesses in Real Estate, Moving, and Construction.

His calm and fun demeanor come second to his commitment to doing a good job and not making false promises. Even if it's just promising to send a quick email with someone's contact details. Having, at times, single handedly taken care of over 100 clients a month in the moving business, one develops a superior sense of organization, possible only with the use of technology.

Having lived in the Yucatan for so many years as a teen and young adult, K's Spanish is on par with his English. K actually graduated top of his (local) class in Spanish Lit. Many Mexicans don't realize he isn't from here and if they do have a doubt, often believe he may, at most, be from another Mexican state. This makes negotiations much easier as people don't automatically assume he is representing a "gringo" or foreigner.

The risk of people sometimes knowing that a foreigner is interested in purchasing a home (or anything) is that there is a dual economy here. Folks will often drastically increase the price of their goods for a foreigner. K is good at coming to an arrangement before the Seller catches on that he or she is dealing with a foreigner. This applies to Real estate, Product and services such as construction and trades.


If you feel that K's commitment to service and active role in real estate is what you're looking for rather than a semi-retired agent that might serve you properly one day and not the next, please send us a message and he'd be honored to give you the best he's got.



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There are many different types of Real Estate Professionals in the Yucatan. Some are hobbyists and part-timers. We, on the other hand are young, energetic and have not yet reached our retirement years. We're here to serve you at the fast North American Pace you're used to so that you can find your new home quicker and THEN settle into that Mexican paced life-style.

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