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TrustFirst is a Merida Real Estate Brokerage focused on its relationships above all else. Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.


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200M to Paradise Chelem - 3.8MXN

Price: $3,750,000 MXNBedrooms: 3Bath: 3Parking: 2 outdoorPool: YesStyle: Basic contemporaryStories: 2More: Open ConceptYard: YesListing type: Partner (repost)AC: YesLot: N/AProtectores: YesAddress:  C. 21 159, Chelem, 97336 Chelem, Yuc.Sq.ft.: 1,482 Chelem is a pleasant and small port located in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, which has...

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Cute in Chelem  - $360K USD

Price: $442,667 USDBedrooms: 2Bath: 3Parking: 2 outdoorPool: Yes - sharedStyle: Basic contemporaryStories: 1More: Open ConceptYard: YesListing type: Partner (repost)AC: YesLot: N/AProtectores: noAddress:  C. 21 159, Chelem, 97336 Chelem, Yuc. Nestled in the tranquil community of Chelem, this beautiful single-story residence offers a perfect...

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Casa Camelia - Jardines De Merida - $442,667 USD

Price: $442,667 USDBedrooms: 4Bath: 6Parking: 2 car garagePool: YesStyle: FlowStories: 3More: Open ConceptYard: YesAC: YesLot: N/AProtectores: Yes Spread across a generous 492 square meters of covered construction, this home features four sumptuous bedrooms, each a serene retreat with its own en-suite bathroom, ensuring privacy and comfort for...

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Sunflower Caucel - $1M

Price: 1,060,000 MXNBedrooms: 2Bath: 1.5Parking: streetPool: YesStyle: FlowStories: 2More: Open ConceptYard: YesAC: YesLot: 7M X 20MProtectores: Yes This beautiful, Brand New home is ready for move in. The builders are gifting this one with AC and Protectores. You can put those funds towards

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Modern Touches Real Montejo - $4M

Price: 4,000,000 MXNBedrooms: 3Bath: 4Parking: 4 + streetPool: YesStyle: ModernStories: 2More: Open ConceptYard: CoveredAC: Yes 4XLot: 14m X 26MProtectores: No This beautiful home just on the other side of the Periferico offers everything you would want in a Merida Home. 11 Minutes to Costco, Gran Plaza, Galerias and The Harbor and 20 minutes to...

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We focus on helping you find Merida houses for sale as well as progreso beach properties and other coastal treasures.

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How Long?

In Merida, Mexico, anybody can be a Realtor. We actually have a background in it with proper training and code of ethics stemming from Canadian and American Real Estate backgrounds.

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Why Us?

Get this... we actually speak spanish and have a background in real estate. We don't pretend. We also know all the common hustles and how to avoid them.

The key to an old temozon norte hacienda in Merida. Real estate related
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We do an in depth needs-and-wants analysis as part of your new home purchase criteria

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We've been around, you know. Our staff is ready to help you in English, French, or Spanish. Don't get stuck with someone pretending to speak the language.

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Some of our Merida Realtors have been here for decades, even having done their high-school here. Our connections to the community and resulting network makes it easy for us to connect you with anyone you might need

The TrustFirst Difference

What we do differently

This is a beautiful home listed by a real estate agent here in Merida yucatan.

Most Real Estate Agents will do their presentation, take pictures, maybe a video and list your home on their website and perhaps a couple free listings on Facebook and local marketplaces. And sometimes that works. It's not fast but it works.


Here are TrustFirst Merida Real Estate, we don't stop there. We like to justify our commission rate with our actions. On top of the above mentioned tasks, we take the time to call our network of 72 top city brokerages and agents, letting them know about our new Listing or Client and their characteristics.

Yes, it is a lot of work!

But this ensures that the right people are in the know so they can bring what we need forward.

You can rest assured that we do everything possible to get you what you need through our TrustFirst Formula.

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Feature Home

Here's a local home for sale. Recently built, it features an open concept, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pool with outdoor shower, covered patio, parking. Here are some of our favourite, hard-to-find-in-mexico features:

  • Pressurized water system / Water softener
  • Reverse Osmosis wate
  • Parking for 4 cars
  • AC installed in all areas of home

Why Buy Merida Yucatan Real Estate?

Merida, the capital city of Yucatan state in Mexico, is fast becoming a popular destination for real estate investments. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and modern amenities, Merida is a city that has a lot to offer to real estate buyers. In this article, we will explore why buying real estate in Merida, Yucatan is a smart investment choice.


Merida Yucatan Real Estate: An Overview

Merida is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a range of real estate options for buyers. Whether you are looking for a colonial-style home in the historic center or a modern apartment in a new development, Merida has something for everyone.

Merida has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a surge in tourism and a booming economy. As a result, real estate prices in the city have increased, but they still offer good value for money compared to other popular tourist destinations in Mexico.


Merida Real Estate: Reasons to Invest

1.     Affordability    

One of the primary reasons to invest in Merida real estate is its affordability. Compared to other popular tourist destinations in Mexico, such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Merida offers lower real estate prices. This means that investors can get more for their money, whether they are buying a vacation home or an investment property. While Merida is not the most affordable of all, the little extra you would pay compared to many other beautiful cities is well worth it when you consider the low crime rate in Merida.

2.     Strong Rental Market    

Merida's growing tourism industry has created a strong rental market, making it an attractive destination for real estate investors. Many tourists prefer to stay in vacation rentals rather than hotels, making short-term rental properties a profitable investment option.

Additionally, Merida has a growing expat community, which is driving up demand for long-term rental properties. This means that investors can earn a steady income from their properties, even during the off-season.

3.     Cultural Heritage    

Merida is a city steeped in history and cultural heritage. Its colonial-style architecture, vibrant festivals, and rich culinary scene make it a unique and attractive destination for tourists and real estate investors alike.

Many buyers are attracted to Merida's historic center, which is home to a variety of colonial-style homes and buildings. These properties are highly sought-after and can be a great investment opportunity for buyers looking for a unique piece of history.

4.     Quality of Life    

Merida has a high quality of life, making it an attractive destination for both tourists and expats. The city is known for its friendly locals, safe streets, and low cost of living. Additionally, Merida offers a range of amenities, including excellent healthcare facilities, international schools, and modern shopping centers.

5.     Booming Economy    

Merida has a thriving economy, driven by tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. The city is home to several large corporations, including Coca-Cola and Grupo Modelo, and has a growing tech industry.

This strong economy is driving real estate development in the city, making it a smart investment choice for buyers looking for long-term growth potential.


Merida Real Estate: Popular Neighborhoods

Merida has a range of neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own unique character and charm. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods for real estate investment in Merida:

1.      Centro Historico: The historic center of Merida is a popular destination for buyers looking for colonial-style homes and buildings. This area is home to a range of cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, and theaters.

2.     Santa Ana: Santa Ana is a trendy and vibrant neighborhood that is popular with expats and young professionals. This area is known for its lively nightlife, modern apartments, and proximity to the historic center.

3.     Santiago: Santiago is a charming and picturesque neighborhood that is popular with buyers looking for a quieter lifestyle. This area is home to several colonial-style homes and buildings, as well as a range of restaurants.    


Are you looking for a smart investment opportunity in the Merida Yucatan real estate market? Look no further than Merida, the capital city of Yucatan state in Mexico. With its rich cultural heritage, strong economy, and affordable real estate prices, Merida is quickly becoming a popular destination for real estate investment. We hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, exploring why buying real estate in Merida, Yucatan is a smart investment choice.


Invest in Merida Yucatan Real Estate With Confidence - We do!

With its affordability, strong rental market, cultural heritage, quality of life, booming economy, and popular neighborhoods, Merida is a smart investment choice for anyone looking to invest in the real estate market.


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We're a full service Merida Real Estate Brokerage Based in Yucatan, Mexico. We service both Merida and the coastal towns. These include but are not limited to Progreso, Chelem, Chuburna, Sisal, Chicxulub, Uaymitun, Telchac and San Crisanto.

We help our clients not only find an appealing home, but one they will continue to find appealing after having purchased. We do this by educating you on concrete construction build and the different ways that local home-builders cut corners when it comes to masonry, plumbing & drainage, electrical, sealing and finish work. Which woods get attached by termites and which don't... the list goes on.

Looking out for the quality of our client's home rather than being a commission hungry brokerage has earned us the repeat business and referrals that make us who we are today.

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— Mr. Gordon [From Texas, US]

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This is a beautiful home listed by a real estate agent here in Merida yucatan.

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